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David Cameron, Barack Obama, Tony Blair, Ghandi, George Bush, Nelson Mandela, are just a few of our recent famous leaders who have won a large swing in public support with a change campaign. A call for change that not only reached to the people of these leaders home nations but caught the imagination of most people around the world. It should serve to remind us all, that any change, anywhere, implemented by anyone, will have some memorable, meaningful and lasting impact on our lives; whoever we are and wherever we are in the world today.
But what if you don’t want to change even rigorously hope to steadfastly avoid it. Well here is a real difficulty because you may contrive to opt out of change but change will still happen around you often changing things for you. As my father was fond of saying “If you don’t alter things they won’t stay as they are. Sorry but there is no choice you have to play your part in change because if you try to avoid it you will be faced with accepting other people’s changes unconditionally.Ghandi put it perfectly when he said ‘be the change you want to see’
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CSR departments bring winning Change

Organisations have been gaining in many ways through their CSR departments.
Providing first class coaching and training staff. Providing for the local community raising funds for charity and wining great PR with reat positive press. One client achieving over six minutes of primetime TV coverage and all in a positive light. Have you?
‘A win, win, win situation for all concerned

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WOW-The Film Day Experience-WOW

How does it work?
“Been delightful working with you we will look for other opportunities”
JeremyTopple Head of Group Management Development BUPA
The film day experience is a very full day each team is charged with the production of a ‘5 minute’ film in different genera's to be presented at an evening showing in competition with the other teams  to win one or more of the Hackett - Oscar's see how you can benefitfilm two

Geoffrey Hackett - Author

Geoffrey is an engaging speaker opening new insights into both managing change, team building and presenting effective communication. He will happily talk about any of these three subjects from 15 minutes to a full day lecture depending on your requirements the content can even be tailored to your needs. However he will always seek to support, enthuse, challenge, inspire, invigorate, annoy and amuse you
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In the 1940s and ’50s Grandmother did not get packed off to a nursing home but lived with us. So I learned direct from her, saw and met her friends, and was welcomed home from school with a freshly buttered toasted teacake and a cup of tea on the kitchen grate. Today children are abandoned to the streets, neighbours or school clubs as mum and dad work; old folks are stuck in homes out of the way or shipped to Spain - we ask why we have no social cohesion?

Things you may want to Change

life style, politics, education, work, finances, poor customer service, banker culture, poverty, war, law and order can you make a differenc or is it all subject to fate 'Change? What Change?' shows how well managed change can become your fateacvieve

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