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Geoffrey Hackett

Geoffrey lives and works in London as a freelance television writer director and producer. He travels the country specialising in. supporting organisations to work on - change management, knowledge sharing, process analysis and communications.

Leaving school at 15 he joined the family coach and touring
business and trained as a motor engineer and  then as a transport manager. Within a few years he became involved in the ownership, management, running and selling of many different companies including hotel and catering, fashion design, clothing manufacture, fashion retail, industrial property management, home improvement supplies, road haulage and animal feeds.

By 1986 with 24 years of commercial and business experience behind him Geoffrey had grown keen to help others succeed in business at all levels and especially to benefit from a sharing of knowledge in all aspects of the business and commercial world, helping to grow UK enterprise.

The desire lead to the creation of a television production company to spread not only Geoffrey’s knowledge of business but to capture and share both academic and commercial experience of the good and the great throughout the business world and record business and organisational best practice. This lead to the production of some 400 management training and development programmes with some 250 broadcast in the early 1990’s by the BBC.

Geoffrey believes that business should work for you not tie you to working for the business. He gives talks and runs awareness programmes on business improvement under his “leaders of change” banner. Advising on communication and knowledge sharing through effective business processes he also runs a funtastic team development programme called “The Film Experience” and helps you achieve your corporate social responsibilities through the Achieve Programme. Like to know more – just ask him Geoffrey Hackett

 Speaking engagements

Geoffrey Hackett
Geoffrey is an engaging speaker opening new insights into both managing change, team building and presenting effective communication. He will happily talk about any of these three subjects from 15 minutes to a full day lecture depending on your requirements the content can even be tailored to your needs. However it will always seek to support, enthuse, challenge, inspire, annoy and amuse you
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Geoffrey delivers a workshop that does what it says on the tin “A film day experience” designed to deliver extremely effective, powerful, long lasting team development seethe page (The film day experience).

He also delivers a fun charity event for CSR conscious companies or organisations that is so win win – it’s a life changing experience for all who participate. An experience that benefit all for years not just a few short weeks as with so many team and HR development events.


He gives charity talks on building sustainable eco homes for orphans and the victims of disasters world wide. Providing an insight into some of the ecological and sustainable issues the challenge mankind globally today showing how action on one side of the globe often has a surprising effect on the other.

Geoffrey works in the community with several organisations in - preservation, health care and children’s charities. He is also a school governor in Surrey.


Geoffrey is a film director, writer and television producer, who started with over twenty years’ experience in commercial management before changing to a career of twenty-seven years in learning support through script-to-screen creative communication.

He has written, directed and produced over 400 management improvement business development and Personnel training programmes, of which some 250 were broadcast by the BBC. During the creation of these he has worked with leading academics, industrialists, politicians and entrepreneurs, from whom he has distilled vast pools of knowledge into meaningful and considered, adaptable guides to success, especially in the areas of team-building, communication skills, performance management, leadership and change management for all. he is the author of “Change? What Change?” and soon to be published “Presentation P’s”

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Twelve rules for change

First rule: change is constant (like the tide, not mono-directional)

Second rule: change will happen in spite of you
Third rule: it will go wrong

Fourth rule: you can’t do it in isolation

Fifth rule: you have to let go of the side

Sixth rule: change will show you the way

Seventh rule: you will fail continually

Eighth rule: it will blow up in your face

Ninth rule: nobody else is going to bring about the change you want

Tenth rule: change can only be managed through communication

Eleventh rule: change is small and slow

Twelfth rule: if you play change to the full there is no guarantee you will win. If you don’t deal with change it is guaranteed you will fail

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