The Film Day Experience

Thifilm scenes is an exciting and interesting way to help develop your team and as a bonus there is some real fun involved too. It is available to geoffrey directingall ages and Geoffrey also does a half day version as well as a fascinating one hour talk on the parallels of team building to the film and TV production business. Don't miss them.

How does it work?

            “Been delightful working with you we will look for other opportunities”
            Jeremy Topple Head of Group Management Development BUPA bupa logo

The Film day experience is a very full day for between 8 and 30 people who are divided into a number of teams. Each team is charged with the production of a ‘5 minute’ film in different genera's to be presented at an evening showing in competition with the other teams  to win one or more
of the Hackett - Oscar ‘look alike’ awards for best
– script – director
– male performer
– female performer
– camera operator
– etc.

How you and you're organisation can benefit?

The day is designed to help you to develop your team to handle change and communicate with clarity. The day can be adjusted and shaped to support performance management – team development - leadership and draws on the resources of many workday skills like planning – negotiation
– selling - interpersonal relations –creative thinking.

            “Great team and a fantastic learning experience”
            Rachel Butcher Brand Management BUPA

What do we achieve?

You can learn more about the abilities and performance of the people you employ and work with in one day than you could in a year at work. It is top class team building without taking three days away in a hairy bed hostel and the risk of drowning your Sales Director in the lake or your Chief Executive falling (being pushed) off a cliff.

We also offer corporate social responsibility days with a development experience tailored to the needs of your organisation. Please ask for Film day experience details


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When politicians make grandiose claims like no more ‘boom and bust’, I suggest you start to worry. When you hear people who are in the top 3% of wage-earners complain with some legitimacy that they can’t mange their public duties and live reasonably, when you realise that anyone living in a household with a family income of only £21,000 are in the elite and privalaged group of the world’s richest 5% and that for some of them, depending on where they live, this could mean they are surviving below the poverty line, then you have to ask just a little more often, is that the world you want?

And if the answer is yes - then at whose expense is it?