Change? What Change?

David Cameron, Barack Obama, Tony Blair, Ghandi, George Bush, Nelson Mandela, are just a few of our recent famous leaders who have won a large swing in public support with a change campaign. A call for change that not only reached to the people of these leaders home nations but caught the imagination of most people around the world. It should serve to remind us all, that any change, anywhere, implemented by anyone, will have some memorable, meaningful and lasting impact on our lives; whoever we are and wherever we are in the world today.

But what if you don’t want to change even rigorously hope to steadfastly avoid it. Well here is a real difficulty because you may contrive to opt out of change but change will still happen around you often changing things for you. As my father was fond of saying “If you don’t alter things they won’t stay as they are”.

Sorry but there is no choice you have to play your part in change because if you try to avoid it you will be faced with accepting other people’s changes unconditionally.

Ghandi put it perfectly when he said ‘be the change you want to see’

Change? What Change? shows you how to recognise the four main types of change, it also guides you through the twelve main rules for managing change, This book anecdotally looks at key influencers of change, shows you how to read the cyclic patterns of change and  looks at a list of serious to fun issues in today’s world that you may personally be inspired to consider from a different perspective enabling you to  influence change within………

When it comes to change you might as well get in the ring and fight for your objectives because the alternative is to live under someone else’s change. And from that hard fact there is no escape.

Change? what change? is available from Author house at and 

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Change is the book for you whoever you are or whoever you are hoping to be.

Change is inescapable because if you don’t change the world will not stop and will change around you leaving you as the outsider.

If you want things to remain as they are then you constantly have to change to maintain the balance.

In nearly every situation change is a negotiable position it is about a compromise it is often about the contracts you made being manipulated to maintain the desired outcome before they breakdown and are irrevocably broken.


Change because you want to – not because you have to.


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