Change? What Change?

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It does not matter whether you agree with my theories and beliefs or not it is more relevant that I have encouraged you to pen a response because it is engaging in the process that is the essential part of communication which stimulates creative thought leading to effective change. The lack of varied opinion is the element of communication within the change process that most often creates failure where there deserves to be success

If you have not purchased a copy and/or would like a copy signed by me, please contact me through the ‘contact pages’ and I will arrange to send you a book at the appropriate price.

If you are with an organisation that cares for the community or takes a pride in staff development then please have a look at the ‘Film Day Experience and your ‘Corporate Social Responsibilitypages these two development programmes are designed to deliver great team building, communication skills and change management; with many more benefits. It is well worth finding out about them in more detail and I will be only too happy to discuss the opportunities these programmes present for you.

Should you wish me to speak to a group on any of my sujects I do both charity and corporate work and will happily discus your requirements from after dinner to full day seminars?

Thank you for your interest. my short CV is in the 'The Author'


Geoffrey Hackett

Change because you want to – not because you have to.


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